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Give a talk

We're always looking for new and experienced speakers to give a talk at our meetup. First time speakers are very welcome to send in their talks.

If you are interested in giving a talk at one of our future meetups, awesome!, contact us at with a talk title and a short description. You can send in your talk idea months in advance, even before you started working on the slides.

We can also be reached on Twitter @amsrb (DMs are open), or on the community Slack (our handles are: @Arno - he/him, @FloorD, @tombruijn and @rayta).

What is a talk?


At Amsterdam.rb, it's to be expected some talks will be about Ruby. New things in Ruby releases or cool new gems, etc.

But while this meetup is called "Amsterdam.rb", not all talks need to be about Ruby. We also accept talks that are not about Ruby, but instead related to software, the act of programming, managing, communication, important issues in our community, etc.


Talks can be between 15 and 30 minutes. We'll reserve some additional time in the program for Questions and Answers, which we try to limit to 10-15 minutes.


Slides make a presentation more visual, but they are not required.


When we are doing in person meetups, you will take the "stage" in front of the meetup attendees. A projector or large monitor will be present to show your slides. If your presentation relies on audio in any way, please inform us beforehand. This requires some technical preparation.

For remote speakers, or when we host remote meetups, we will give you a link to a Streamyard "studio" or a link to a video calling service. Here you can call in, start your webcam, connect a microphone and share your screen to present. With completely remote meetups, it's also possible to send in your talk prerecorded.

When your talk is over, there will be time for Questions & Answers (Q&A). There will be around 10-15 minutes time for this. You can also decide to not have a group Q&A, but be available after your talk in the meetup space or in our Slack to answer questions. It's also possible to not do a Q&A, please let this know beforehand to the organizers.


For in-person and remote meetups, we livestream the meetup on our YouTube channel, or use another service to host a call and upload the recording later to YouTube. Please consider if you're okay with being recorded for people who can't attend and want to watch from home or at a later time. Let us know if you do not want your talk to be livestreamed and/or recorded.


Please rehearse and time your talk beforehand so you have an idea about the approximate length of your talk and if it fits in the 15-30 minutes length.

If you need help with preparing, structuring or trying out your talk beforehand, you can always contact us for help. Contact links can be found at the top of this page.


When your talk and Q&A is over, we will make the recording of the livestream available on our YouTube channel. If you'd like to add additional links to resources and slides, please contact the organizers and they will be added to the YouTube video description.

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